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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seizing the Moment

(or, Learning From Experience)

Two days ago, I’d meant to get a picture of a spectacular sunrise, but I waited a few minutes too long. I figured that if a little red sky is good, more would be even better. All I had to do was wait for the sun to rise just a little more.

By the time I went outside, the red sky—which promised so many fantastic photo opps—had turned gray. By waiting, I’d missed my chance.

This morning when I let the herd of cats out, I saw pink clouds and a strip of blood-red sky. I grabbed my camera and seized the moment.

I recorded the sunrise's progression:

Then, just as the sunrise was approaching its most spectacular, my batteries went dead.

Fortunately, my other camera was close by in the kitchen and still had some disk space left. So, I grabbed it and took these:

Not long after I’d taken the second round of pictures, the fiery sunrise gave way to ash-gray clouds.

Life’s lessons: (1) Waiting for things to get better—expecting things to get better—is sometimes a mistake. (2) Seize the moment. (3) Have a back-up plan.

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Blogger Roanoke RnR said...

Those colors are amazing. Did you enhance? What were the orbs I saw in the first couple of shots?

6:33 PM  
Blogger Becky Mushko said...

Didn't enhance, but lightened the first two pictures just a tad. If you check the (Dec. 21 post), you'll see the same sky a mile west of my house.

As for the orbs, I ocassionally get them them in photos around my house. And in a couple of other places. I live down the road from Hainted Holler, if that makes any difference, and I'm close to a graveyard that reportedly sometimes emits an orb from one of the tombstones—but I've never seen it happen.

6:44 PM  

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